Hello! I am a civil society organizational leader, filmmaker and interdisciplinary researcher. I am interested in the ethics and equity of information and participation in the knowledge commons, and the use of media as a democracy-making tool. I have practised these in my work for over 17 years.

I have over a decade of work experience in leading strategy, partnerships, funding and grantmaking, community-catalyzing in noted nonprofits such as Ashoka, Internet Society, Mozilla, Wikimedia Foundation, and the Centre for Internet and Society. I am a 2017 National Geographic Explorer and have produced and directed eight documentary films focusing on linguistic and digital rights. I founded a participatory media project called OpenSpeaks in 2015, co-founded an online venture called eOdissa in 2008 and a nonprofit O Foundation in 2017.

More about myself in this page. See my writings and speaking contributions, some of my practices and media coverage.

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