Subhashish Panigrahi

Subhashish is a senior civil society leader with an interest in the intersection of society, tech, and media. He's presently Ashoka's Law for All director, a board member at Global Voices and a National Geographic Explorer since 2017. Earlier, he catalysed contributor communities: across Asia-Pacific at the Internet Society, in Asia at Mozilla, and in South Asia at the Wikimedia Foundation and the Centre for Internet & Society.

A 2017 National Geographic Explorer, his films underline the role of community media and sovereignty, and protection of at-risk languages. His award-winning documentaries include _Gyani Maiya_ (2019), featuring the eponymous late Nepalese community elder whose language, Kusunda, was presumed to be extinct once, and MarginalizedAadhaar (2021), an outcome of the Digital Identity Fellowship at Yoti, critically examined how the Indian biometric ID Aadhaar further excluded marginalised people. In 2023, his 72K transcripted audio recording release in Odia under Public Domain was arguably the largest voice data repository in any South Asian language with such access. While initiating several open access/knowledge movement ventures, he has created over 5K Wikipedia articles.

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