Public speaking

Keynotes and other public talks, lectures and workshops

I have been invited to deliver keynotes, talks, and conduct workshops and panels in reputed conferences worldwide, including a keynote at the SIGUL 2023 (Interspeech ‘23) in Dublin, Ireland, a keynote at Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, an invited talk at the UNESCO International Conference in Changsha, China, several United Nations Internet Governance Forums, two TEDx talks, a digital language activism workshop series by Rising Voices, and an invited talk at OER 16 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Long list


  • Keynote at SIGUL (Special Interest Group on Under-resourced Languages) 2023 at Interspeech, Dublin, Ireland — ”Reclaiming Our Voices: Imagining Community-Led Ai/Ml Practices
  • Panel at PULiiMA, Darwin, Australia — ”The emerging movement of language digital activism
  • Screening of film The Volunteer Archivists and Talk at Wikimania 2023, Singapore
  • Explorer Takeover (workshop) at 2023 National Geographic Explorers Festival — ”Open Filmmaking”
  • Screening of film Gyani Maiya, The Volunteer Archivists and talk at Decentralized Web Camp (DWeb Camp) 2023, Camp Navarro, California, US
  • Panel at RightsCon 2023, Costa Rica
  • Talks at MozFest 2023
  • Screening of film The Volunteer Archivists at Samadrusti, Bhubaneswar, India
  • Screening of films The Volunteer Archivists and Nani Ma at Bakul Foundation, Bhubaneswar
  • Talk at WikiConference India 2023
  • Panel at digitALL: Access To Rights & Rights To Access at Bengaluru, India
  • Film screening and talk at Lost Origins Gallery — Gyani Maiya(review)
  • Collaborated at National Geographic Society Storytellers Summit 2023, Washington D.C.








  • Facilitator at Mozilla All Hands 2016, Hawaii, US
  • Collaborator at All Things Open 2016, Raleigh, NC, US
  • Talk at FUEL GILT Conference 2016, New Delhi, India — “Cross-community collaboration in Localization”” (recording)
  • Panel and workshop at WikiConference India 2016, Chandigarh, India — ”How to better tell your Wikimedia community story using media as a tool”