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Books, journals and conference proceedings

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Op-eds and other writings

I have contributed technical, analytic and opinion pieces in several publications such as Global Voices, Opensource.com, The Wire, HuffPost, Wikimedia Blog, Mozilla, Creative Commons, Asia Times, The Hoot, Medianama and DNA and Bangalore Mirror. I received the Opensource.com 2015 People’s Choice Award and the “Wikimedia Advocate and Expert” award for coverage on the use of open-source software in the Wikimedia movement. I am a regular contributor to Global Voices, an international citizen journalism media organization focusing on India’s changing digital rights landscape and language digital activism.

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Public speaking








  • Mozilla All Hands 2016, Hawaii, US
  • All Things Open 2016, Raleigh, NC, US
  • Talk “Cross-community collaboration in Localization”. FUEL GILT Conference 2016, New Delhi, India (video on YouTube)
  • Panel lead and workshop. “How to better tell your Wikimedia community story using media as a tool”. WikiConference India 2016, Chandigarh, India

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