Advisory and Consulting

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I help changemakers, foundations and networks make long-term systemic shifts, through measurable short-term action.

My goal is to help organizations and individual leaders build new systems or transform existing ones, irrespective of sector. As a civil society leader for 13 years, I have launched many open knowledge, open source, internet policy and digital rights initiatives. I built a network of 200 changemakers and catalyzed 45K open source contributors across Asia-Pacific, serving 60% of the world’s population. By diving deeper into your organizational, user or community strategy, I can help catalyze your strategy, guide with fund management, conduct and support with research and evaluation, and provide tailor-made Openness (Wikipedia, open source and open tech) services.

Organizations associated with

Non-profit strategy

  • Strategic planning
  • Social responsibility (for businesses)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Program and project management
  • Fundraising, fund management, grantmaking and fellowships
  • Senior leadership mentorship
  • Target outreach

AI and data

  • Ethical and legal praxis
  • Text/audio-visual data collection
  • community testing

Film and media-making

  • Immersive storytelling
  • Research and documentation
  • Production ethics, consent and copyright
  • Web dissemination

Select Projects

Documentary Filmmaking

Research, direction, production and distribution.

  • National Geographic Society: Received National Geographic Explorer award for OpenSpeaks, language multimedia toolkit for activists, and creating at-risk-language documentaries Gyani Maiya, Mage Porob and Remosam.
  • Yoti: Received Digital Identity Fellowship to lead documentary MarginalizedAadhaar, from start to finish.
  • Interledger Foundation: Received Future I Money Artist grant to make docu-fiction Bringing Down the Mountain on digital financial inclusion.

a. Data

  • OpenSpeaks Voice: Arguably largest South Asian-language speech data under Universal Public Domain. Hosted on Library of Congress.
  • PrathamBooks: Bilingual data creation and curation project for children’s books.
  • Central Institute of Indian Languages: Language data for Indian government’s Bharatvaani project.
  • Creative Commons: Founded and led biliungual (English and Santali) parallel data from OpenSpeaks project.

b. Research

  • Rising Voices (Global Voices): Led research about the impact of Odia-language users’ socioeconomic and digital oppressions on digital safety and security. Part of Digital Security + Language project.

c. Technology Standards

  • Library of Congress: Proposed ALA-LC Odia Romanization Table amendments; served in Review Subcommittee.

d. Tools

  • Centre for Internet and Society: Founded and led Project Ol Chiki for creation of font family Guru Gomke (Ol Chiki script, Santali language) and computer input methods.

e. Typefaces

  • EkType: Odia language expert for open source typefaces Baloo Bhaina, Baloo Bhaina 2 and Anek Odia.


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  • Image credits: Lead image by Mike Peel / CC BY-SA-4.0.